NEXUS Video Assessments

Access South Africa’s leading experts with NEXUS

What is NEXUS?

Utilising the power of advanced telehealth technology, eReports’ NEXUS provides easy access to independent medical assessments regardless of geographic location.

Connect with one of eReports’ highly accredited experts located anywhere across South Africa via a secure video consultation. 

NEXUS improves access for individuals located in regional, rural and remote areas, enabling them to access the most suitable expert for their case, regardless of where they are located. 

Each assessment is guided by our experienced NEXUS Support Team to ensure a seamless experience.

NEXUS video assessments are designed to closely reflect an in-person examination to deliver the best expert opinions for your case.

Connect with eReports’ leading experts anytime, anywhere

Connect with South Africa’s leading experts

Instead of travelling to a major city, examinees can connect with one of eReports’ leading experts online, at a clinic that’s convenient for them or from the comfort of their home.

Security you can trust

eReports’ NEXUS platform is highly secure and encrypted to protect your data through our best-in-class technology.

Dedicated NEXUS Support Team

Our experienced NEXUS Support Team support each assessment to guide you through the process and ensure that a high-quality and consistent experience is delivered every time.

Instant booking capability

Our NEXUS platform offers immediate availability to make scheduling an independent medical assessment nationwide quick and easy.

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