Independent expert medical opinions and healthcare advice for government, employers, insurers and lawyers.

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eReports deliver expert opinions, healthcare advice, allied health and diagnostic services to assist you.

We have trusted and long term relationships with many insurers, corporations, government agencies, legal firms and employers large and small.

Our  extensive industry knowledge, scalable technology systems and solution-focused resources spans expert advisory, independent medical opinions, diagnostic and return to work services.

eReports recognise that our clients require a broad geographical coverage and have different legislative and regulatory requirements. Our agility allows us to adjust our systems so that we focus on the needs of the individual, applying tailored solutions for clients and those who require their support.

Our trusted and highly accredited medical and non-medical experts provide a clear, independent opinion that is based on the evidence provided to them. eReports opinions are of the highest quality, delivered by experienced and accredited experts in their field and assured with a rigorous Quality Assurance process.

eReports experts are focused on delivering services to address the needs of the individual with expertise that covers all major allied health and medical disciplines. We are quality accredited and trusted by leading companies and government, delivering services with integrity, independence and are highly accredited and active in their respective fields.

eReports Overview


eReports industry leading online platform provides 24/7 access to everything you need to obtain expert medical opinion and guidance.


eReports network of over 80+ national locations is serviced by over 600+ experts and we are an industry leader in expert video assessments through our NEXUS telehealth network, delivering unparalleled geographical coverage.


eReports secure platform stores all data and data backups on secure Australian servers with best of breed encryption and perimeter security to ensure your data is protected.


eReports Quality Assurance processes are ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certified for the auditing of independent medical assessment reports for accuracy, quality, impartiality, completeness, delivery and evidence-based opinion against the client referral, documentation, relevant legislative requirements and current best practice.

Our quality assurance process employs the strictest of compliance standards and is applied to every report we produce so that you can rest assured that your report will meet your requirements.



Our NEXUS platform offers immediate availability and makes scheduling independent medical assessments anywhere in the world easy.
The eReports NEXUS telehealth network helps you connect any medical consultant with any individual anywhere in the world via secure, online video consultation technology.
Access to eReports trained and specialised team of consultants and medical experts via the NEXUS network helps you ensure the most suitable care for your case, regardless of where the individual is located.
Our NEXUS network harnesses the power of secure telehealth conferencing technology, enabling you to book the right Medical Consultant and for your examinee, regardless of where they live around the world.

Secure technology that delivers

Utilising secure telehealth conferencing technology, eReports NEXUS provides easy access to independent medical assessments regardless of geographic location. Rather than travelling to a major city for an appointment, claimants can attend a clinic that’s convenient for them. Appointments can also be undertaken in a home environment.

Get an Appointment Sooner

Fully supported by high quality, trained and professional staff and medical consulants.
Improve examinee experience by reducing their travel time with more convenient locations
Reduce examinee non-attendances with SMS, Maps and an assessment preparation checklist.
Increase claims management efficiency with rapid report turnaround.

Work Your Way

eReports for Medical Experts

eReports understands medical experts may have a preferred way of consulting within their own practices. This can range from being a component of their current clinical practice through to a complete expert advisory services management solution via eReports.

eReports welcomes you to explore how you can partner with us to support the development of your independent medico-legal practice. Our goal at eReports is to offer a tailored solution to enable our medical experts to work across our international footprint at a time and place that suits you best, supported by the industries’ leading technology.

eReports is an experienced, trusted provider of medical assessments, well positioned to deliver the highest level of service and quality to our diverse customer base. With the proven expertise to deliver on today’s requirements, our core strength is our approach to innovate and provide solutions for our rapidly changing future.

By way of background, eReports has been providing expert medical assessments since 2000 and has become an industry leader in medico-legal assessments solutions. Delivering 2,500+ medical evaluations monthly, we’ve assembled some of  the most respected medical experts across a wide variety of medical specialties and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can partner with you throughout all stages of your career.

24/7 Access to the Guardian Consultant Portal
Guardian is the result of 20 years and continual investment in development of intelligent and easy to use technology that brings efficiency to your processes and empower your practice.
Transparent Financial Services
eReports puts transparency at the front of our full service financial services solution. Maintain visibility of your invoices, banking, debtors ledger and take advantage of eReports debt collection service.
Flexible Service Models to Suit Your Practice
eReports offers our consultants a range of options on how they partner with us. From full service practice solutions through to appointments by request, you determine how you work with eReports.
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eReports are experts in delivering efficient medicolegal services to the personal injury and insurance industries and the medical experts that service them.

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